Electric Ruin

by Electric Ruin

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Sunfighter thumbnail
Sunfighter There is something about a record thats first guitar chords grab you by the throat. A Fu\early Queens kinda vibe. Weighty riffs, good songs, flawlessly executed.
Mubla Na Thguob
Mubla Na Thguob thumbnail
Mubla Na Thguob I agree with Soshanna that this vocalist nails it. Love the swagger. looking forward to hearing more from these guys.
paul rote
paul rote thumbnail
paul rote How'd I miss this till now. A definite Maryland doom vibe,going on here. A little obsessed,a little Pentagram,some internal void, but yet it is original. Highly recommended to any fan of heavy music.last track is a must have Favorite track: Yawning Gods.
Heavy Rock Switzerland
Heavy Rock Switzerland thumbnail
Heavy Rock Switzerland These guys need about 10 seconds to state their mission: Playing straight-forward, riff-fueled heavy rock. Luckily, the EP goes on for another 18 minutes. Favorite track: Yawning Gods.
Soshanna thumbnail
Soshanna Holy moly there is a riff-a-rama going on here and a vocalist who just nails it! The perfect blend of aggression, passion and confidence...he is super good.

The whole album seriously rocks and kicks ass, but the last song is sooooo good. Its an almost 8 min long jam of soaring guitar riffs and mind blowing psychedelic grooves. This album is terrific and leaves me wanting more! I put this one on my list of "Best finds at Bandcamp for 2013" Favorite track: Yawning Gods.
Dismal Cathedral
Dismal Cathedral thumbnail
Dismal Cathedral This album rocks, just buy the darn thing!
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Dayboo Eepee - This is Electric Ruin's debut EP. It's got four songs full of guitars and drums and all kinds of fun stuff. Listen to it on your hi-fi, your portable walkman, or hey, try it in your car, dummy! Regulate the playback volume with your right hand or your left... it's that versatile! Don't forget to tell your friends. Just leave out what we did last night... they'd probably be pretty jealous.

"But the main reason to download this excellent EP is the 7:46 minute epic - Yawning Gods. Probably one of the finest Blues/Stoner/Psych Rock songs you will hear this year. The band are on fine form here laying down riff after riff.

Yeah this is an excellent EP indeed. Electric Ruin will brighten up your day with their superb blend of Psych/Stoner Rock riffs. I can sense a brilliant full length record coming from these guys in the not so distant future."
- thesludgelord.blogspot.com (Sep 1, 2013)

"The band's first self-titled EP offers 4 tracks of tight, riff-fueled 70's funkiness with some really neat vocals: Somewhere between Wino and Bobby Liebling. The last track, Yawning Gods closes the EP with a killer free-form heavy psych jam, pure bliss. Recommended!"
- stonerobixxx.net (Jul 14, 2013)

"It’s like Brant Bjork and Yawning Man formed a band fronted by the lovechild of Josh Homme and Bobby Liebling (I’ll let that visual play out in your head for a while). Finding the balance between riffs, grooves, and jams is what I love most about music and Electric Ruin delivers just that."
- landofuzz.com (June 27, 2013)


released June 20, 2013

Ray Dickman - Guitar
Phil Champagne - Guitar
David Touchette - Vocals
Jason 'wookie' Wickware - Bass
Eric Dickman - Drums

Recorded/mixed by Paul 'yogi' Granger at Yogi's Meatlocker
Mastered by Andrew Cowan at Lacquer Channel
Cover art by Bill Kole
Urethral Swab by Dr. Phineas P. Phart
© 2013 Electric Ruin



all rights reserved


Electric Ruin Ottawa, Ontario

ER began in 2012 as an a capella polka outfit. Quickly becoming embittered by the politics of polka they chose to move on to greyer pastures. But grazing those grey, mushroom covered pastures resulted in a 7 day hallucinatory nightmare; relentlessly pursued by a 10' tall, purple, snarling, three-headed tuba player. "No one leaves Polka!" But after extensive plastic surgery and new names, they did. ... more

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Track Name: 2nd Stall
Admit that I am powerless
Something greater than me can restore my sanity
Turn my will and life over to a higher power
Make a fearless inventory of myself
Admit all my wrongs, remove my character defects and flaws
Make amends for all of my shortcomings

40 ounces tall, drown it all
Gotta drink it…. All the way down
Bottoms up, no need for a cup
Gotta drink it…. All the way down

Let people know just how sorry I am
Admit all my faults and all of my mistakes
Pray and or meditate to regain my focus
Take the message out to others just like me

Liquid courage, whiskey strong
Gotta drink it…. All the way down
Love ‘em all, gonna watch ‘em fall
Gotta drink it…. All the way down
Track Name: Jettison
Red light means no
Gotta go!

Pissin’ on the floor
Gotta go!

Green light means go
Gotta go!

Leave me alone
Don’t wanna go!

Can’t take no more

Track Name: Halberd
Everlasting Fire
Hell can’t hold me
Hades won’t stop me
The Boatman will have to let me cross
Nothing will keep me from getting to you
And when I do…

One side is an axe
The other is a hook
With a spear on top
Oh my, take a look!
This among other things I have here waiting for you
And there’s nothing you can do

Huh! I’m coming! I’m coming!
Better run for the hills
I’m coming! I’m coming!
Better run for the hills

Underworld underlings
Running while they’re stumble-ing
Pointing the direction and your world begins crumble-ing
Nothing will ever keep me from getting to you
And when I do…

One side is an axe
The other is a hook
With a spear on top
Oh my, take a look!
This among other things I have here waiting for you
And there’s nothing you can do

Huh! I’m coming! I’m coming!
Better run for the hills
I’m coming! I’m coming!
Better run for the hills

Construct a weapon that no one can wield
Forge a sword of fire and steel
Design a way to forever end this fight
Although you are a god I will prevail
Track Name: Yawning Gods
I wanna fly
Up into the sky

I wanna soar
You can’t hurt me no more

You can’t have me